Dessert Menu

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Bittner’s Chocolate Fudge Cake
Our family tradition for 4 generations is made with 4 layers of moist chocolate fudge and layered with a rich fudge icing. Perfect for any chocoholic. $2.75

Lake Geneva Lemon Kiss Kake
Moist layers of yellow cake filled with mouth watering lemon, iced with homemade lemon “kissed” vanilla butter cream frosting and finished with a dusting of shaved white chocolate. If you’re a lemon fan, you’ll love this cake. $2.75

Oreo Cake
Moist layers of chocolate cake filled with fudge and iced with a blend
of whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookie, then sprinkled with cookie

Bittner’s Carrot Cake
Moist, made from scratch carrot cake, filled and topped with homemade
real cream cheese frosting. $3.00

Rick’s Raspberry Torte
Four layers of yellow cake with homemade European style raspberry filling
and iced with butt er cream frosting. $2.75

Salted Caramel Cake
Layers of yellow cake layered and topped with homemade caramel butt er
cream frosting. $3.00

Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie
A chocolate chip cookie that erupts with chocolate lava and smothered in
vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Bittner’s Bakery Homemade Cheesecake
Plain or with fruit. $3.75

Pub’s Ice Cream Menu
(Sourced from 100% farmer owned dairies)   $1.95

Brownie S’more Chocolate and brownie chunks with a marshmallow
swirl in a graham cracker ice cream. (Our staff ’s favorite.)

Sea Salt Malt Cookie Crunch Chocolate cookie chunks with sea
salt, swirled in a chocolate malt ice cream.
Blueberry Cheesecake: Ribbons of blueberry swirled in a cheesecake
ice cream.

Blue Moon A midwest must have!! This one will take you back to your

Banana Split Natural Banana ice cream swirled with ribbons of
chocolate and maraschino cherries.